May 7, 2006

What is Your Dream?

Six years ago, I moved to a growing bedroom community just outside of Pleasant Hill. I was full of post-graduation Seminarrogance. I told myself I wasn't, but I was. I also told myself that I was not interested in numbers, but in helping people find Jesus and caring for the poor. Again, I was only kidding myself.

I discover my desire for numbers the first time I had to tell my District Super the attendance of my meetings. I realized I was falling far short of the other planters on my district. So I told my church about inviting and reaching their unchurch family and friends (it sounds much more spiritual than saying, we want more people).

Eventually, I had to deal with what it meant to pastor and be a spiritual leader when a church was not growing, and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. I eventually realized that I was actually beginning to lead a church that was serving hurting and poor people, and it was I who was being transformed.

Today's message struck home in one particular area. I have the habit of walking up to God with my dreams and desires, and saying, "Here they are God...You bless them and make them happen." When, in fact, I need to say, "God what are you doing in my life and ministry, and how can I be more faithful. You give me Your dream!"

Over the next few years (or however long it takes), that is my prayer, "God give me your dream."

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