May 24, 2006

What is Revival?

I am involved in a discussion about Revival at A Mighty Rushing Wind.

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  1. I've had the same thoughts on revival in the past... I've only been to a few revival services where it actually felt like God was there working in people and changing things. The first Camp Meeting I went to at MVNC in 1993 was the first time I experienced that. It didn't happen on such a grand scale again after that, and it's just occurred to me for the first time that that may be one of the more subconscious reasons I've not been back to Camp Meeting in a few years. I'll have to think about that...

    The Cardington church had a number of revival services over the years. I remember one of them about 9 years ago that really felt like a revival. But after that, I never got that feeling at one of that church's revivals again... and I think other people noticed it, too, because it seemed like they tried harder and harder each time to "make" it happen again. It actually got to the point that Daniel and I had a conversation where we actually considered skipping revival service the summer before he got married. I can't remember if we did or not, but I do remember the conversation.

  2. The word revival is thrown around a lot in the Church of the Nazarene and other denominations. They mostly focus on feelings. I remember at Mt. Vernon the "revivals" we had, there was a lot of feeling, but very little life change.

    Revival begins when people desperately seek God, repent, and live obediently to His commands. The world will be transformed when Christians start acting like true Christ followers--when they live life like Jesus would live it.

  3. AHA! I knew I've seen you somewhere else! *G*


  4. Okay just read that on MRW.... woah.

    EXACTLY. I'm slowing going through that right now... its un-nerving...flesh stomping...painful... embarrassing......

    .... and so worth it.

    Did I mention... OUCH?