May 18, 2006

Stop Praying

This blog post is challenging and insightful. Thank you Bob.

Maybe we should just stop praying...: "I think I’ve come to the conclusion that most of us, myself included, just need to stop praying. I don’t say that lightly… but I almost feel that it would be better to have no prayer in our lives than the kind of prayer that most of us, myself included, have.

Now- before you think that I’m going to say that the problem is that you are not spiritual, or that you don’t love God, or are lazy… let me tell you- I don’t believe that about you at all.

I believe that many of you have a deep sense of spirituality, a great love of God, and yet an anemic or non-existent “prayer life” (and I really hesitate to use that phrase- as though over here we have our prayer life, and over here we have our love life, and over here our home life and over here our work life… no- we only have one life, and either it’s a life of prayer, or it’s not, either it’s a life of love or it’s not).

No, I think that the reason why we don’t have a more vital life of prayer is that we are afraid..."

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