May 14, 2006

Special Guest

It is interesting to be part of a large, progressive church. This week we had a grammy-nominated singer call to ask if we wanted her to sing at our weekend services.

So Sarah Kelly came to sing:

She has a wonderful, raspy voice (unlike most Barbie sounding Christian singers). I loved it!

She said that her new album was delayed because she got an opportunity to have Slash (from Guns 'N Roses) play on her album. She said she had an opportunity to pray with him after their recording session. "They are closer to God than most of us realized," she said. "They are not much different than we are--all of us need Jesus! Besides, I don't want you coming up to me at the table back there telling me I shouldn't have Slash play on my album because I don't want to hear it!"

My thinking (and maybe this isn't exactly right) but as long as he is sober and not smoking a cigarette on stage, I would let Slash play with my worship team...Okay, maybe I would have to think about that, but it's SLASH!

Okay, enough of that.


  1. I went to her MySpace and listened to the sample songs there ... I really liked the first one that came up. Reminded me right away of the lead singer from the Cranberries. Very Irish-sounding (and looking!). I haven't heard a voice as distinct as hers in Christian music since Rebecca St. James released her second album... (her first one was pretty tame in comparison)

  2. LOLOL... I know Sarah and trust me, she is as earnest as they come...hey someone has to rub shoulders with them... could you imagine if Slash got saved? WOO!

    She truly rocked didn't she?