May 23, 2006

I Hate Looking Intolerant

Why do Christians look intolerant to the people around them?

I believe it is because many feel they have to lead with their beliefs. They feel they have to "take a stand" against sin. They feel that demonstrating love to their homosexual, or alcoholic, or abortion having, or premarital sex having neighbors, without condemning those actions first, somehow means they accept all the persons behavior as legitimate.

I Hate Looking Intolerant: "Q. I feel like if I say homosexuality and abortion are sins, non-Christians think I am intolerant and jerky. What can I do about these beliefs that offend some people?

A. What can you do? Follow the example of Jesus..."

Why do we have to tell others WHAT we believe to be wrong before we show them God's love? Why can't we build relationships with people, show them God's love, and care for them as people without regard to their sinful practices (Lord, knows most of us have enough of our own to deal with!)? Why can't the holiness of our lives be the statement against their sinful behaviors? Why can't we speak up when GOD says it is time?

Why do we lead with LAW rather than lead with LOVE?


  1. Wow, I read this right after I had started to feel convicted for changing my opinion of someone after I found out that they were gay. I struggle with hating the sin without disliking the person, but I know it's wrong and I try to remember that Jesus came to save those very same people. I'm really happy to see that there's a Christian out there that doesn't go overboard with forcing their beliefs on others yet they don't "tolerate" either. I really liked this blog. Thanks for helping the Lord confirm his answer to my prayer!

  2. Christians lead with love, and Pharisees lead with Law.

  3. I think biblically it is wrong to automatically characterize the Pharisees as leading with law. Because all Jews led with law, it depended on how rigorous their understanding of the law was.

    The Pharisees believe that the Messiah would not return to earth until Israel was "clean." Clean meaning that all the "tax collectors and sinners" were out of their midst and out of the temple. They were trying to be a holy people and that mean they couldn't be defiled by the "sinners" around them.

    They simply wanted a purified Israel so the Messiah could return. Jesus, the Messiah, though, came welcoming the very people they were putting on the outside.

    Many of today's churches are so concerned with who is "in" and who is "out" that they focus on getting all the right beliefs and living exactly the right way instead of living a life of love for others.