May 4, 2006


This post on Jesus Creed is about heresy, but this is a good statement in the midst.

Jesus Creed: "Let me suggest that the term “heretic” is used in three ways, only one of which (I believe) is justifiable — though I have little hope that the mudslingers will learn to use terms as they are supposed to be used.

Before I get there, though, let me add an emerging point: it is too bad we don’t have such an evocative term for praxis. Jesus’ focus was on “hypocrisy” more than “heresy,” and it might just be an indication of how far we’ve strayed for us to give so much attention to “heresy” and not enough to failure in praxis. As far as we can see, failure in practice is just as bad as failure in theology."

I agree. We focus on failures in "right" thinking, but we do not say much about "right" praxis. Churches are off the hook, responsibility-wise, as long as they have right theology. A church can have right theology and never once lift their finger to help the poor.

I don't believe a theology is "right" if it does not lead to right praxis.

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