May 8, 2006

A Great Big God

Sometimes I think we too often imagine a too-small God. We, in scientific modernity, like things that we can quantify and classify. Family, genus, species...

But God is bigger than anything we can possibly imagine. Is He omnipotent? Yes, and more. Is He Sovreign? Yes, and more.

But we want to make Him Calvinist or Arminian or Open or Emerging or something.

Why can't we find some place in the middle. Not a place of compromise, but a place of tension. A place where God has a desire for us to know Truth, but understands our doubt and struggle. A God who is holy and sinless, and yet understands that our best efforts still fall short.

Why is it that we think a nice, neat theological system can contain all God has to offer of himself?

God is beyond us, infinitely beyond our ability to understand Him. This does not mean we cannot make statements about how He has revealed himself. (Jesus being the perfect revelation of God.) But it does mean that as soon as we put our understanding into words, we fall short.

We need room for a great, big God.

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