May 18, 2006

Dealing With Tough Feedback

When I first planted the church in Pleasant Hill, I was excited about the prospect of starting something new. I wanted to do church the way it ought to be done. I saw what others churches in the area offered and thought what we had was different.

The first time I received tough feedback was difficult for me. I could discount the outsiders, but when someone inside says, "I don't like that!" it is like someone kicks you in the gut. As much as you realize you are doing what God has called you to do, and no matter how hard you try to think otherwise, you feel like they are rejecting you.

Here is a great article for entrepreneurs that has a lot of implications for church planters:

Escape from Cubicle Nation: Developing your entrepreneur chops? Get comfortable with tough feedback: "The first time you get tough feedback as a new entrepreneur, it can really kick you in the gut."

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