May 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I have not even attempted to broach this topic, either the book or the movie, but thought this review from the NYTIMES was interesting.

It is funny how many Christians would make a big stink of something like this, and yet the general public watches and quickly forgets. Even the secular media disregards it. Interesting.

The Da Vinci Code - Review - Movies - New York Times

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  1. Half my friends are saying not to see it, and the other half are saying "chill out, it's just a movie"... to which the first half replies that Satan is subtly deceiving people with this "entertainment."

    I'm torn on it, actually. I'll probably see it, mainly because I have a feeling it will be an entertaining *fictional* story.

    I'm kind of glad that the book has sparked the discussions and controversy that it has. Christians should not live in a "vacuum." We have to be ready to defend our faith in the face of things like this.