April 5, 2006

Soothing Ourselves to Death

Here is an article from Charles Colson from Christianity Today: Soothing Ourselves to Death

I find myself saying, "YES!" and simultaneously "NO!"

I admit that I am not a person who enjoys repititious music. I absolutely enjoy contemporary music, but I don't want them to get old with repitition.

I find the call for Christians to think a very noble call. I think there are too many Christians who do not think for themselves. (The irony is that they let people like Dobson and Colson tell them what to think.) We have isolated ourselves from culture so much that we no longer need to think about actively engaging it. I find myself more fearful of the radicals who listen to Dobson and Colson than I do the "emerging" church people who are addressing social issues (It is interesting how he is able to lump them all in the same camp).

Are books and "in-depth teaching and moral discussion" really the only way to convey knowledge? How far has intellectual debate gotten us so far?

Colson talks as if intellectual discussion is the only way to progress. What about the lack of artistry? Why are musicians, painters, and other artists not welcome to express their faith?

I also am not sure how to take the statement, "the gospel above all else is revealed-propositional truth--truth that speaks to all of life." I agree that is speaks to all of life. If by propositional he means that it asks people to believe or reject it, then I agree. But if he means some modernistic, point-by-point systematic theology, I am not sure I can.

The Gospel asks us to choose to follow Jesus. But it doesn't give us all the details or a step-by-step plan for doing so.

I think what he is ranting against is the same things the emerging church is ranting against. I think many in the emerging church are against amusing themselves. They see the Modern church, though, as the main perpetrator of that mindset.

Again, there might be an ax to grind on Mr. Colson's part.

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