April 13, 2006

Secular Findings Don’t Diminish Faith

Rabbi Gellman is amazingly gracious. I find his willingness to accept the practice of other religions and to fully understand their beliefs a wonderful example of what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself."

He is able to accept the good in other religions without sacrificing his belief in his own.

I certainly find this quote to be far more intelligent and inspiring than any Christian Scholar or preacher who has yet written an article or blog post.

Gellman: Secular Findings Don’t Diminish Faith
"It is important, however, to distinguish the details of Jesus’ life and the belief in Jesus' mission. Facts may alter this or that historical verdict on the role of Judas or the life of Jesus, but no historical facts can deflect or damage the belief in Jesus as the Christ, which remains the central claim and enduring promise of Christianity. There is one exception to the invulnerability of Christianity to historical refutation, and that is the resurrection of Jesus. If it could be shown through irrefutable historical and textual evidence that Jesus' followers stole his body from the cave and cooked up the story of his resurrection, then the spiritual project of Christianity would indeed suffer a mortal blow. However, this is highly unlikely, and even if it were possible to prove this, it would still not diminish, for example, the vision of Paul on the road to Damascus nor the heroic martyrdom of Christians for their faith nor generations of Christian saints and scholars who have taught a vision of salvation that sustains and sanctifies one out of every three people on earth. Christianity is primarily built on sacred history and, save the one event of the resurrection, that history is immune to the vicissitudes of history as determined by National Geographic Society, Random House and Columbia Picture."

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