April 11, 2006


I find this quote interesting: The Moral Animal By Stephen Metcalf: "I often wish I could be a good Kantian, motivated only by the moral law, the same way I sometimes wish I could be a believing Christian, motivated only by agape."

In the article, Stephen Metcalf discusses David Brook's longing for a more "chivalrous" age. Unfortunately, those days of chivalry, as we all know, were upheld by a system of oppression and abuse of minorities and women. It is not music in many ethnic group's ears to hear the phrase, "Let's go back to the good 'ole days." The "good 'ole days" were not so good for them.

I think the longing in the quote is for a morality that is good, but does not have all the trappings of a systemic evil attached. But I am not sure we can get away from systemic evil. I think the desire is for true agape love without all the religious war and in-fighting. And, I can't say I blame him.

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