April 24, 2006

I Wonder...

I wonder if Chuck Colson would have the same stern stance if the man on trial were Buddhist or Hindu or a religion other than Christianity. I would hope so, but I don't think so.

Should Evangelicals Support Bush's Foreign Policy if He Can't Guarantee Religious Freedom? - Christianity Today Magazine: "In his BreakPoint commentary, Chuck Colson said, 'I have supported the Bush administration's foreign policy because I came to believe that the best way to stop Islamo-fascism was by promoting democracy. But if we can't guarantee fundamental religious freedoms in the countries where we establish democratic reforms, then the whole credibility of our foreign policy is thrown into serious question.'"

We are to love our neighbor not because of their religious practice, but because God commands us to do so based on His creating human beings with His ruach (breath). We were created in the image of God. Loving our neighbor means protecting them whether they practice our religion or not. It means we care for them and their needs, and we protect them when necessary.

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