April 17, 2006

First Chance For Awhile

This is my first chance to blog in a few days. Things have been very hectic.

It is nice to be back in Ohio for a few days, and next week it will be more permanent. We came in this week to look around for housing and to talk to the Pastor at the church where we hope to be working. (Things are still not completely settled.) It looks like their plan is to have us move out into a church plant two or three years down the road. They want to develop their "sending church" philosophy in the midst.

They have sent several church planters out in the past, but want to improve the process.

This whole process is nerve-wracking. Leaving a home, jobs, and familiarity for the unknown. I keep thinking about Abraham who was called "to the land I will show you." I feel called, but God is not very good in revealing the details.

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