March 31, 2006

Worship and Music

How about this quote?

Architecting an Outward Focused Church Service: Music: "My discovery is this: When the Holy Spirit is present, you can play about any kind of worship music – you can hums songs on a comb with wax paper and something wonderful will likely happen. The real bugaboo isn’t ultimately the style of music – it’s the lack of God’s presence. When people are aware of the immediate presence of God, all of the styles of worship are up for discussion."

I love the rock-sound worship style. I worship best when I am leading from the guitar, but I also know how hard it is to worship on the other side.

The reality is that "revival" is not going to happen every Sunday. Some days are going to be ho-hum, and other are going to be fabulous. The hard part is appreciating the times when God makes His Spirit known, and stying engaged in the waiting times. We cannot possibly live on a constant high. One of the dangers of living on a constant high is that it soon is not enough. Sunday morning worship becomes a crazed attempt to re-create the "experience" instead of accept what God is giving.

Worship is more than style, it is the presence of the Holy Spirit moving and working. It does not always have a rock beat, but it is true worship.

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