March 9, 2006

I Wonder What Will Happen

Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges

This article from Christianity Today points to something that is going to be interesting to watch. Soulforce is visiting several Christian college campuses to protest their conduct guidelines that prohibit homosexual and pre-marital sexual relationships. The Founder of the organization is the former ghost writer for Jerry Falwell.

What I find interesting is the reaction of the colleges. Some are handling this with a fair amount of grace and trying to respect the dialogue that can be fostered in this interaction. I understand how they might be leery of the intentions of the organization, but they are making an attempt at open dialogue.

Other colleges are preparing for the worst. They are barring Soulforce from its campus and preparing for non-violent acts of civil disobedience.

My thought is, this isn't so much fun when they bring the protest to your door. For years, Christians have been protesting everything they fell they need to "take a stand" against. Rather than foster dialogue, they have fought legal battles and heckled people. They have acted with similar bad intentions as they are expecting from this group.

Maybe before we "take a stand" we should ask ourselves, "Is there a better way to get our message across, and do it in a way that does not dishonor the name of Jesus Christ?"

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