March 31, 2006

Stop fretting and start relaxing…

This is me right now: OutwardBuzz : Stop fretting and start relaxing…

I needed to hear this. I am in the midst of selling my house, packing, and preparing to move across country. I have no place to live and no job to support my family. But I believe it is God calling me.

We have an opportunity to intern with the pastor of another church in preparation for planting a church in an area I have desired to minister since I first accepted the call to ministry. I never expected it to happen, and I certainly didn't expect it to happen this way.

I know I am a worry-er. I manage to think of the worst possible outcome and fret over that happening. We have an offer on our house, and all I can see it falling through because of the inspection or the buyer doesn't sell their home. This is happening quicker than I expected. All I want is for something to go smoothly, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

I keep telling myself, "God is in control. If it doesn't work out then God has something else in mind." Until then, I am trying to keep my mind from focusing on all the "What ifs."

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