March 3, 2006

Steve Sjogren's New Church

Here is a link to Steve Sjogren's newest adventure: Coastland Church - Welcome.

Be sure to check out the values and the distinctives page.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Steve Sjogren here. Was a bit difficult to figure out how to post a response to your words...

    I understand what you are asking about having something to offer as an example.

    Will have that up and on my site pretty soon - the site will be the Tampa one, Not sure we will do the Podcast thing. That is a little trite to me - I'm an eaerly adapter, but I think it is limiting to make people have to wait to for the slow downloads and then listen only on their MP3 devices. Maybe we'll do both - listening directly on the site or downloading to a device.

    Right now I am speaking almost every weekend, but the messages I am giving tend to be repetative, not ongoing series that are typical of what I was referring to in my blog entry that day. You could order tapes from the VCC bookstore and have a listen from a few years ago - 513.671.0422 - ask for VineBooks.

    I was advised by one of my speaking coaches (had had 4-5 of those over the years) about this idea of only having 1 point per message. As I see it that is a brilliant move - kind of anti-the spirit of this age which is info overload.

    Hope that's helpful.