March 8, 2006


I have Adult ADD. I have always been a procrastinator, had trouble focusing, been fidgetty, randomly forgotten things, and a host of other "symptoms." Some would see this as being young or see it as something much worse. I, on the other hand, always wondered what was wrong with me.

When I was about 27 years old, I faced a life altering crisis. My world crashed around me, and I was forced to discover how to "do" life differently. That is when I discovered that I had ADD and that I was not simply fighting some unknown demon.

Self-leadership was an issue. As a result of the discovery, I made some drastic changes in my life. I began living according to a strict schedule, taking better care of myself physically, and a host of other things. Yesterday, I read this article by Bill Hybels: Self-Leadership.

After reading the article, I realized how far I have come from those days. But I also realized how far I have left to go. I am more disciplined than at any other time in my life (that is both a blessing and a curse). I am also at the best place internally I have ever been in my life.

I agree with Hybel's assessment that self-leadership is the key to "success," professionally, personally, and spiritually. You have to be able to lead yourself. You have to be the one in contronl, ot in a domineering, anti-God sort of way. You just have to live a disciplined life surrendered to God. I am convinced that a lack of self-discipline keeps many of us from becoming all that God desires of us. Unfortunately, we have hidden our lack of self-discipline behind a the disguise of "God loves me as I am" (which is true) and behind "I am on a journey" (which again is true). These are both true, but they cannot be used as excuses to hide from a self-disciplined, rigorous pursuit of God.

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  1. I read that article too and got a lot out of it. Like you I'm better than I used to be, but still have a ways to go. I just found out I'm on the short list for the associate editor position at Leadership Magazine, so we shall see.