March 29, 2006

Politicians or Christians?

Bill Hybels said, "The Church is the only hope for our world." And yet, many well-meaning, sincere Christians seem to believe that politicians are the only hope for the United States. They don't come right out and say it, but by their actions they demonstrate that they trust the political system more than the missional system.

Here is an article from Out Of Ur: Kingdom Confusion: Is the quest for political power destroying the church?

I find it amazing that this author lost 1,000 people because he refused to side with a right-wing, Republican agenda. I believe we should stand up for what we believe, but we need to make sure that we approach the politcal system as a secular system, and not God's intended way to change the world.

What is sad is that millions of American Christians will picket and march concerning abortion and homosexuality, but remain silent as it regards the homeless, the poor, the oppressed, and bringing justice to our world.

I can see how some would see this as being wishy-washy. "You are not taking a stand." But like the author of this article states, the point is not that I do or do not take a stand on these issues, it is a matter of where my allegience ultimately lies and where my hope is placed.

If the majority of these people would place as much energy into being missionally-driven Christians rather than being a political supporter, the world could actually be changed. You have to work from the ground up not from the top down.

What if instead of protesting abortion clinics we worked to provide alternatives? What if we sought to live in loving, connected relationships with these women? What if instead of condemning the homosexual, we lived the life of Jesus Christ in front of them? What if we showed them the full extent of God's love?

We believe in the salvation and hope provided in the Kingdom of God; not in the power of political prowess.

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  1. Super post. I agree 100% that the church needs magnify Christ instead of protests and political rallying. Where are all these determined Christians while the homeless sleep beneath the bridge? While the ophan and widow collect food stamps and glean from federal and state assistance programs? Can God not provide for them through the Body of Christ? Why must they go to Egypt while Christians hold signs and incubate within persecutionless, four-walled churches.

    Anyway, great post. God bless you.

    Paul West