March 3, 2006

Naked Before God

But I don't think this is what was meant by that: Christians strip to build a new Eden - Sunday Times - Times Online.

This brings up a good question. What is the connection between nudity and sexuality? Is all nudity sexual? Is all that is sexual nude?

Christianity Today had a cover that prompted much discussion about the same issue. Click here. The cover photo was of the famous statue Pallas-Athena. It stands in front of the Parliament building in Vienna.

This photo prompted some angry e-mails about the use of "nudity" in a Christian magazine. Some cancelled subscriptions, some hid their copy (under their mattress?), and one woman used white-out to strategically add clothing. I found the discussion funny.

But I guess it is a question with a "flexible" boundary line. All that is sexual is not necessarily nude, and all that is nude is not necessarily sexual. This is the long time debate over art vs. pornography. And, for me, it goes back to the intention of the creator of the artwork. Was it to sexually arouse someone? Or, was it to demonstrate the beauty of the human body?

Of course, God obviously created the human body to be attractive to the opposite sex.

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