March 27, 2006


The end of last week I went to Montreal to teach four workshops at a youth workers meeting. The flight out was delayed, the trip was long, but the conference was fantastic. I was able to work with about 15-20 youth workers. I taught on issues of understanding the Postmodern mindset (of which the younger crowd is probably more knowledgeable), developing mentoring relationships with youth, and Servant Evangelism. I preached on Saturday morning concerning being a Go-And-Do Church vs. being a Come-And-See Church.

I realized that I remembered very little of my two years of high school French. I was able to say "Hello" and say "Excuse me." I tried escargot. It was okay. I would not, however, eat a plate-full of it.

One of the things I noticed was lack of contemporary forms of ministry. They seem stuck doing church as in a traditional or liturgical style. I attended a youth-led worship event on Saturday night. Its purpose was to unify the local churches. My thought, though, was what if a church adopted this as its dominant style of worship, and had a pastor that led in a contemporary form of mission-driven ministry. I don't know if it would work (I am not part of that culture), but it was exciting to think of the possibilities because it is so different from what typically happens in the churches up there. There are a lot of challenges though.

I think in terms of postmodern culture Canada is 10-15 years ahead of the United States. They are much more culturally diverse. In a traditional church service on Sunday morning, the Pastor called all the children to the front to pray. His children were the only Anglos. The other children were Haitian, African, Quebecua, Philipino, Korean, and more. It is a place of exciting opportunities and challenges.

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