March 10, 2006

Leadership 101

This short article focuses on President Bush's commitment to his vision and beliefs (not necessarily religious): Wired News

I have found myself disagreeing with many things He has done, but, like the previous post, I realize that as a leader you have to have a vision. And you have to pursue that vision with little thought or concern for the critics. Sometimes the critics have points that need to be considered, but the leader must follow his or her vision.

Leaders do not lead by consensus. They must also be willing to lead in the face of people leaving. That is the reality of life in a church plant (in any church for that matter). People leave because they do not agree with the vision. Sometimes, the leader has to evaluate the vision or the location where the vision is being attempted. The vision may be the wrong vision. Or, it may be the right vision, the church planter is just in the wrong location.

Here is a good article from Steve Sjogren's blog.


  1. Hey Eric...Rick White, here. Didn't want to bog down the MMI deal, so I'm just gonna' use your comment

    It might be a technicality, but I was clarifying what a blog was compared to the common misconception.

    THis is totally not a biggie, Eric, but it seemed relevant to the discussion as to "what" exactly MMI is and what Todd wants it to become. Having said that, Blogs (which are the shortened term for web-logs) have become a generic "coke...while an authentic blog is not an editorial or op-journal or forum.

    Traditional blogs are simply a weblog of input by people tackling a particular issue/problem they're all trying to solve (usually tech-guys). MMI (with it's variety of comments) acts more like a forum than a blog. If it were articles without comment-features, it would probably feel more drudge-like.

    I was trying to encourage Todd to go the traditional blog route and make sure everyone who posts have the same mental/philosophical make-up when it comes to doing consideration to style, etc. I'd love to see him do this without apology and without compromise...even if it squeezes guys like me out the conversations.

    Hey...I'm from Kansas City. I love my home town...huge royals and chiefs fan. Where abouts do you live? Thanks for letting me clarify and take space on your blog!


  2. Rick,

    No problem. I was just trying to gain some understanding. I am currently just outside of KC on the south. I commute to KC for work.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. One of my suggestions in an earlier post was for Todd to have a select group discuss issues, even if they disagree, and allow the rest of us to watch that interaction.q