March 22, 2006

I Wonder????

I wonder if Tony Karon would take such as stance if the man on trial was indicted because of his race or some other religion? Being Christian in Afghanistan

Abdul Rahman is on trial in Afghanistan simply because he is Christian. He has been a Christian for 16 years, and was indicted in the midst of a custody battle.

The United States has given a rather muted response. The author seems to indicate that the sacrifice of one man is probably best so that a tenuous alliance between the US and Afghanistan can remain.

I don't see the United States refusal to intervene as an afront to Christianity because they have not intervened in Sudan, Darfur, or Rwanda. They only seem to intervene when it is "convenient."

My problem is that the tone of this article is equally muted. Whether this man is Christian or not, this is a violation of human rights, and a violation of the UN and Afghanistan constitution. And yet, we will remain silent because it is only one man.

It always starts with one person.

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