March 22, 2006

Homosexual Bishop

This summer in Columbus, Ohio, the Episcopal church will be revisiting the issue of appointing openly-gay Bishops. US News Article |

It is hard to watch a church dive head-first toward schism. One person interviewed for this article blamed it on the "conservatives," but we all know that neither side is going to budge because they both feel they are right.

Personally, I try to hold to a pastoral understanding of this issue. It is not my place to exact judgment on a person's sin; that is God's. Everyone struggles with temptation, and I am not willing to reject someone because they happen to struggle with a particular temptation. I will always to lead with love.

I do believe that homosexuality is not a part of God's design for the world. But I think the Fall has altered all of human life, and that homosexuality can be a trait someone is born with. That, however, does not make it okay to pursue.

There was a time when homosexuality was considered nothing more than a "chosen" lifestyle. In some cases, it is chosen, but in others, the temptation is very real. And I certainly don't believe that temptation is chosen.

This situation is particularly sad because it is happening in the leadership of the church--a church that has declared homosexuality to be incompatible with Scripture. Leave it to us Americans to ignore Lambeth and do our own thing.

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