March 20, 2006

Be A Slacker!

Be smarter at work, slack off. This article points out the value of "down time." Something most pastors and church planters have little of. I have found it easy to be busy without ever really accomplishing anything. The first thing to go is usually the church planter's Sabbath because there is so much to do. Even those who delegate well, can be overcome with the details of leading a church.

It is interesting that the Early Church saw the necessity to give the Apostles time to teach, preach, study, and pray. They were not expected to "wait" tables, they were to do what they were called to do. There are many pastors who are unable to do the important work of presenting the Gospel and God's vision for their church because they "calling" on everyone (and maybe doing some of the janitorial work. There are too many church planters who are so busy putting out fires, they don't take time to relax.

Everyone needs regular times of relaxation. God created the Sabbath for human beings because we need it.

Yesterday was my last day as the pastor of the church I planted six years ago. The sheer volume of work required took its toll on me emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Not to mention having to work a full-time job to support my family. I finally get a real break. (Who would of thought that working only one full-time job would be considered taking time off?).

Thing is, I am ready to do it all over again. The call of God on my life is so strong that I could not get away from this if I wanted to. The next few months (years) will be a time first to relax, then to re-tool in preparation for another church plant. Next time, I will schedule more time for "doing nothing."

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