February 20, 2006


Yesterday I resigned my pastorate. I have been a church plant pastor for more than six years. We have grown to about 30 in regular attendance. Over the past year, I have felt God leading me toward a change. I don't know exactly what the change will be, but I know it is coming.

In a church this size and for this long, it feels less like quiting a job and more like quiting a family. These are people I pastor, but they are also friends. Several of whom were not even attending a church before we reached out to them.

This decision was extremely hard. It is difficult when a decision that you person must make affects so many people. Most sat in stunned silence, some cried, and others were deeply wounded.

I feel like I have done what God asked. I feel like I have done the right thing, even though I have no confirmed direction. I plan to get more training, and then launch out with another church plant. Right now, I am just in a waiting period.

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