February 12, 2006

One More Thing

Here is a great post by Guy Kawasaki: Let the Good Times Roll--by Guy Kawasaki: How to Be a Mensch.

I think this post has much to say to those both inside and outside of the church. Many get "saved" and equate that with "safe" and they stop trying to be a Mensch.

Guy says that a Mensch does several things:
1. Helps people who cannot help you.
2. Help without expectation of return.
3. Help many people.
4. Do the right thing the right way.
5. Pay back society.

A responder adds:
6. They never speak badly of another person.

I would add one more thing that is probable more foundationally philosophical than practical. For the Christian, the ability to do this from a pure heart is found in Jesus Christ. We do this through the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this because we have signed up for God's mission to transform the world. I believe we are saved by grace, but we are judged by our actions (this is a stolen quote from Brian Mclaren). God saves us not because of our actions, often in spite of our actions, but He desires us all to become a Mensch.

Many join the church (read: get "saved") in order to save themselves from hell and get into heaven. We are actually called to join a mission.

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