February 8, 2006

More Than the Earth Warming

Here is an article from the NY Times: Evangelical Leaders Join Global Warming Initiative - New York Times.

Over the past few weeks, I have realized more than ever how divided many Christians are over issues that I never realized were so volatile. Brian Mclaren and Mark Driscoll squared off concerning homosexuality. And while the both say Christians ought to demonstrate God's love to those in the homosexual lifestyle, they differ on what that love looks like.

When I read this article I couldn't believe that such a large contingency in the Evangelical church was willing to stand up and essentially say, "Global warming is rubbish and it is not our problem."

Granted I am not completely convinced of global warming, but I am intelligent enough to know that all that car exhaust and industrial waste cannot be good for the environment.

It is good to see Evangelicals taking stronger stances on social issues. I guess it is easier to do now that the conservative/liberal debate in the church no longer revolves around the issue of who does social justice as part of their understanding of the Gospel.

I look at all the bickering and fighting and think, "No wonder people don't want to be part of the church." Where is the love that is supposed to be part of this thing we call the Church? Where is the unity? We really act no different than people outside the church. We are judgmental, angry, unloving, and unforgiving.

I agree with Leonard Sweet, "I would rather be known as being too forgiving than too judgmental." I pray the Lord's Prayer each night with my daughter before she goes to bed. The part where is says, "Forgive us our sins as we forgive others." This means for us "in the same way," use the same standard for us that we use for others. I want to be very forgiving because I know what I have done and I can only imagine how much forgiveness I need.

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