February 7, 2006

I Am A Feminist

Nothing makes you more of a feminist (as a man) than having a daughter. Someone tells you that your daughter can't do something because she is a girl (as if daughters come any other way), and you suddenly become a raving feminist. "Who are you to tell me my daughter CAN'T do that!"

Here is a story that makes the father of a daughter proud: FOXSports.com - More Sports- Alaska girl makes history with wrestling title.

When I wrestled in high school, there was girl who wrestled in the boys leagues. She wasn't extremely good, but she still gave it a good try. Now, I think she was very brave to endure all she did to wrestle. Then, I was quite hesitant. I still wonder about it, though.

Wrestling a girl is a lose-lose sitatuation for the boy. If the boy wins, the jeers are, "Way to go! You beat a girl!" If the boy loses, well you can just imagine the jeers.

Fortunately for the boys in Alaska, it seems all but four lost. So they are all being laughed teased together.

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