February 1, 2006

Dear Brian...One more thing

Following my post about Brian McLaren and the articles from ChristianityToday.com, a friend of mine made a rather insightful comment. She said she thinks Brian McLaren feels there are too many individuals proclaiming the church's "official" stance in regards to homosexuality, and that Brian is really being the church by depending upon his community to make the call.

Brian is truly a communal Christian. He wants the community to come to grips with its theology and proclaim it. He depends upon scholars and thinkers far more eloquent and intelligent than he to make the call.

This is a hard issue. Many in one camp are unwilling to recognize that the Bible is not "cut and dry" on the issue. Many in the other camp are unwilling to see that a loving God might just have regulations. And both sides want to battle rather than love.

Maybe someday I will formulate a response for myself. For now, I think the important thing is that God is the ultimate judge, and I must love others. I know that love requires openly discussing sin, but, as my professor used to say, "Lead with love not law."

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the reminder to love...there are too many arguements about matters of doctrine and theology..both sides are wanting to win the point, and yet Jesus says we will be known as his disciples by our love, one for another!