February 10, 2006

Curse of the Moderates

I think this article has it right: Curse of the Moderates.

There is no such thing as a true moderate. The Islamic moderates do not defend the religious rights of others, and the Western moderates have their own ax to grind with Christianity.

Western moderates are "angry" (read scared it will happen in their own backyard) about the cartoons, but will portray as art the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung.

The real issue is what is true Tolerance. Tolerance is not accepting as valid all positions, it is allowing other positions to exist. If we are truly moderate all religious mockery is considered off limits no matter to what religion we ascribe. We are not above critiqueing others, but ridicule of another's position should be off-limits.


  1. Nice blog. Nice to see another intelligent Jesus-centric blog out there. May I link to it?

    Anyway, I agree with your post, or at least how I understand your position.

    It does not really matter if you call people "extremist" or "fundamental" about their religion, if they really believe it they really believe it! Why just believe something half-assed? The key, as you point out, is allowing other people to believe the way they believe. Not that you agree with them -- in fact, you can even believe that someone will go to hell (or wherever) for their beliefs -- but they still must be respected for their choice. Speaking in terms of Christianity, a person must accept Christ -- well, that implies that it was not forced down their throat... John 13:35 -- "By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another."
    Not by if we blow each other up...

  2. Thanks for your comment and for your link.

    I think we view tolerance as a bad thing in the church. Often what is meant is accept everything as valid. Tolerance simply means that we accept that other opinions exist, that people who hold them are not idiots, and that they have a right to exist just as we do.