January 27, 2006

Seeking True Justice

Here is an example of where the Church is remaining silent in regards to a great injustice: 5 Reasons Torture is always Wrong - Christianity Today Magazine

Our "Christian" president allows this stuff to happen.

The Church remains silent on this issue. Why? Maybe it's because it is happening to the participants of a "pagan" religion, and not happening to them. Where is the denomination that will stand up and call this wrong? Where are the pastors and theologians that will say in public that this should not be happening?

There is an extended version of this article at Dr. David Gushee's website.

1 comment:

  1. What if the torcher of one enemy combantant could save the lives of fifty American troops? How about one hundred innocent civillians?
    Violence is not in the clergy's domain. The Christian, by definition should rebuke violence and hold all life sacred.
    War, unfortunatly, is a part of the human condition. OUr warrior class should have greater discretion on the treatment of enemy combatants. If sexual humiliation is enough to bring the war to an end and save American lives. Then Send Hugh Hefner over there and get it done right.