January 14, 2006

Information or Formation

This article: CNN.com - Students prefer online courses - Jan 13, 2006 talks about students prefering online to face-to-face classes.

The real question is, "Is education just information or is it also formation?" Online classes, though this is a very broad generalization, demonstrates a philosophy of information. It is the belief that to be educated means that we have a lot of information. The Internet has proven that hypothesis completely wrong. There is so much information and so few educated people.

Education as formation means that spending time with a professor and seeing them live is a vital part of the process. To be educated means that a person has the necessary information, but that information is given in the context of a life and a way to live. Unfortunately, due to overcrowding, much that goes on face-to-face is not really formation either.

So, let the online classes begin!

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