January 24, 2006

Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question: Finding a Pastoral Response

Here is an article from Christianity Today as found on their blog OutofUrLeadership Blog: Out of Ur: Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question: Finding a Pastoral Response.

It amazes me how unloving some Christians are to their fellow human beings. Brian refuses to make a public proclamation of right and wrong on the homosexuality issue, and this seems to infuriate people.

Why should he?

For all the frustration and anger over his refusal to answer THE question, they miss his real message. His answer is what is important: Love your neighbor as yourself even if their actions and lifestyle make you feel icky!

That's it. The only reason homosexuality rates as a "worse" sin for most evangelicals is because it makes them feel icky. I don't hear about evangelical, family lobbyists campaigning (or boycotting) an industry because they supply medical insurance to unwed couples.

I, personally, think homosexuality is not God's original intent for the human sexual experience. I believe, though, that God's love is for all of us. I believe that my response to the message of Jesus should be to love them even more because the religious leaders have placed them on the "outside" of faith. Just as Jesus ate with tax collectors and other notorious sinners, I hope my life reflects God's heart of love for all of humanity whatever their sexual persuasion.

Love everyone, let God sort it out.

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