December 9, 2005

What's the Point Again?

It would be nice if someone, anyone, (Please God, send someone!) who at least has a clue about the true message of the Christian faith. I don't remember a passage in the Bible that says, "Though shalt only wish they neighbor 'Merry Christmas!' All generic holiday greetings of your neighbors are to be abhored. They are detestable in my sight!"

I think it is just a case of so many Christians being uncomfortable finding a new role in society. One that does not involve power and domination of all the pagans. "They martyred us--we can treat them as inferior and abuse their civil rights."

Here is yet another article, though the first on this blog, to talk about the "Christians" who are fighting about the phrase "Happy Holidays." I think they are fighting the wrong battle.


Dear Media, could we at least get some attention on the many thousands of dinners, clothing, and good will the church does give to the poor during this time of year. Could you at least point out that not all of us are like this?

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  1. the media likes nothing positive. keep your message though; every little bit makes a difference.