December 12, 2005

Putting It All to Good Use

I am sure that much of the publicity Bill and Melinda Gates receives is simply because of his wealth and success. But it is good to see that he is not hoarding all that money simply to buy a bigger house with more computer stuff.

Read this article.

Imagine what the church could do if it cared less about building and more about people. Imagine what could happen if ministry was not simply teaching a Sunday school class, but changing the coarse of someone's life.

When The Simple Life first came on I watched the first two minutes of one episode. Actually it was little more than the opening sequence. I saw Paris Hilton drop $50,000 on handbag and a pair of shoes. I couldn't believe it. That is more than I make in one year, and she is able to buy ONLY a handbag and a pair of shoes with it. And she didn't even bat an eye. I was horrified by the kind of person it would take to do that without thinking about it.

I find it interesting that a person doesn't have to have any where near the wealth of Paris Hilton, and still be as stingy and uncharitable. I heard a pastor a few weeks ago (he was on TV) telling a group to stop lying to themselves about their money. Stop lying about the fact that they "would give if they had more money." The amount of money makes no difference--it is the generosity of the heart.

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