December 20, 2005

Purpose Driven

Here is an article about Rick Warren. I can't believe it took 25 years for him (and others) to realize that compassion and loving our neighbors in practical ways is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have read The Purpose Driven Church, and his church's mission statement is "A great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission."

My question would be, "What did you think 'love your neighbor' meant? And how were you living that out if you weren't caring for the poor and destitute?"

To be honest, I am just glad that he and other evangelical leaders are doing more for the issues of poverty, disease, and AIDS. I don't understand how it wasn't realized sooner, but at least things are moving in the right direction.

For some practical ways to serve others check out this website There is nothing like caring for others in Jesus' name.

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