December 5, 2005

My Response...

David commented on my previous post about Ecclesiology.

My view of corporate worship is a little more simple and stripped down. I think we should stick to the basics (singing, preaching, sacraments), and do so to the best of our ability. However, our worship and our service to the world do seem to go hand in hand. Worship seems more genuine in a congregation that is committed to reaching and serving lost and broken people.

Worship is not necessarily about form. Besides, the ritualistic style found in liturgical churches was only formed when Constantine converted to Christianity and made it legal. The church had to have liturgies and ritual that was suitable for an Emporer. I think that many different styles are okay, and that even in really bad churches, worship can still take place.

But image a place where you can worship in a community like that described in Acts 2. A community that is dedicated to the Word of God, cares for the needs of others, reaches lost people, celebrates the Lord's presence with them, and works miracles on behalf of God.

I think we have focused too much on "excellence" in worship, and focused too little on authenticity in worship. But who can actually create authenticity and authentic worship--only the people worshipping. A lead worshipper can be authentic, the pastor can preach and lead with authenticity, but worship is also a corporate thing.

The Church has been worshipping together since its beginning. There is a very important place for worship, but I do believe we have turned it into something it was never intended to be. Is it wrong to worship in the styles that we do? I don't think so. But I don't think it is really worship is we are neglecting the poor and downtrodden. I don't think it is worship if we are doing our own thing and then pretending to be spiritual. I think every single prophet had something to say about this issue.

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