December 7, 2005

Keeping Katrina

Here is an article from by Blake Bailey. He and his family are currently in Gainesville, Florida as Katrina refugees.

Here are some things I saw in this article:

1. It is apalling that the Presbyterian Church (who should be representing God) is offering a house in such poor condition. And, that they are not attempting to help the Katrina victims by forgoing the rent. Maybe they can't do that financially, but at least they could do something.

2. The man from California who offered to pay their rent for a year and build them a house. How amazing is that?! He said it was to help restore Blake's faith in humanity and God. He is attempting to do more than just do social good, he is attempting to demonstrate a godly lifestyle.

3. Where is our government? They were late getting to New Orleans, and they are now taking their time helping people get back on their feet. I knew John Kerry wasn't the right person for the job, and now I know George Bush wasn't either. I know it is not completely his fault, but it seems that we did more, faster for tsunami. Do they have a party of "the lesser of two evils"?

1 comment:

  1. Did you just criticize the "evangelical" President of the United States? He prays for our country and goes to church. Shame, shame, shame. You better watch your back (add all the sarcasm necessary). To bad after he prays for our country he gives the order to bomb innocent people, lies to the american people, supports capital punishment, cuts taxes for the wealthy, cuts government aid for crisis victims, cuts medicaid, cuts food stamps, cust assistance for the poor, etc. Who do you vote for? That was the same question I was asking myself after finishing God's Politics. Found the article on Narnia very interesting. Part of me chalks the writers’ words up to heavy contempt for the church and religion. However, he does make some valid points. I'll ponder a while longer before I say much more. Oh, let everyone know that Dana gave birth to Aidan Xavier on November 29th. Both baby and mom are doing well.