December 27, 2005

For the Benefit of the Iraqi People...Yeah, right!

Here is an article from the New York Times. It reminds us that violence was not the method Jesus used, and that war really does damage lives.

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  1. The problem with democracy building is you force a new life style on a culture that may or may not want to change. The Middle East has been fought over since the beginning of recorded history. The Persians, Romans and Eygptians all conquered and attempted to rule over the "Holy Lands" and In the long run, the lands returned to Bedowin Tribes. Like other empires, America will dump loads of resources and time into a project that four other empires before her could not contain. I suspect that the Middle East strife will outlast us as well.
    At this point and time in Christianity, followers should be reluctant to fight overseas. Wars have raged throughout time in God's name. From the first Crusades up to and including today, dishonest religious leaders have incited Christians to battle under false pretenses. Christ brought a message of peace and love. He rebuked Peter for violence, what do you think he would say to us.