November 16, 2005


Being a part of the Christian faith necessitates a discussion of the nature of truth. Is truth objective (meaning somethings are true no matter the situation) or is it subjective (meaning it changed depending upon the situation)? Or, maybe it is both.

I believe there is such thing as objective truth, but I also believe it is subjectively known. Each person sees truth their own lense. Each lense is shaped by DNA, parental nurture, education, life experience, lessons learned, and a host of other influences. Everything that has happened to me in my life has shaped how I view and interpret things.

The quote from C.S. Lewis helps us at this point. We each have a special view of the truth, and as we put our mosaic of views together we get a clearer picture of the objective truth. But, as the Bible says, We see as though "through a mirror darkly." (Historically it pays to realize that mirrors in Paul's time were not the smooth, quality reflections we have today. Mirrors were more crude and distorted.)

As we explore truth in community, an overall picture forms, and we are better able to understand the objective truth.

The problem with language such as absolute is that it leaves no room for discussion. I think there are truths that are absolute, but I am unsure if absolute is the best word we have to describe them. When we use the word "absolute" we imply that this is the final understanding of that particular truth. I think each person understands absolute truth subjectively.

I don't know. I may change my mind tomorrow upon more mature reflection.

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