November 7, 2005

Pomo Ponderings

Last week I attended a conference with Brian Mclaren. It is interesting to see all the debate swirling concerning him. Discussions about modern and post-modern, absolute truth, the subjective nature of reality. If nothing else, Brian accomplished what he wanted to accomplish--people are talking.

One of the major foci of his time was the necessity of the church's involvement in social justice issues. For far too long the church has ignored social justice issues in favor of more "spiritual" concerns.

There is a problem with focusing on either the spiritual or social life exclusively. Jesus' time on earth was spent dealing with both social and spiritual concerns. How could a savior, concerned enough to die for humanity, not be concerned enough to heal the hurting and sick? He couldn't. The same compassion that led Jesus to the cross led Him to care for hurting people.

We as a church, committed to discipling with Jesus, must also be concerned with the well-being of people both spiritually and socially. Check out Matthew 18 just as an example.

There is much more to write...

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. We must offer both! However, very seldom do we find such a balance in our churches (denominations). How can we hold each other accountable for both areas? Our denomination seems to have put a much bigger prize on church attendance than serving others (just attend district assembly).