November 10, 2005

I Don't Understand

I found this article in the back of Time Magazine while waiting to have my eyes examined. (Maybe there is some ironic symbolism there.) In reading, I just don't understand why people assume there is no connection between science and Intelligent Design or that Intelligent Design somehow causes people NOT to explore the world around them.

The first few paragraphs of this article seemed encouraging, but then the author, Eric Cornell, goes down the same old rabbit trail, though more understanding of some value to be found in Intelligent Design.

I am not saying that schools should not teach evolution; they should. I believe we need to know these things in order to converse in an intelligible manner with others outside of the typical Christian clan. I am not a literal seven-day-creation supporter either.

I like what Eric Cornell said about exploring science to see inside the mind of God. But how that insight takes a turn to see them as mutually exclusive. I think the reaction is more to some extremist reactions in the past. Viewing science as an exploration of God's mind would seem to invigorate many scientists to explore more and find more; not refrain from exploring, testing, experimenting, and expanding.

I think we need to understand that God created the world, but we don't have the specifics of how He did it; Genesis is not science textbook. As we view the mind of God through the eyes of science our love and appreciation for God is expanded.

The problem for the scientist is that sometimes they fail to ask the right questions. They will "Can we do such and such?" but they often don't ask "Should we do such and such?" That question needs to be asked much more often. If you don't believe me, just sit back and remember the atomic bomb.

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