October 31, 2005

Intelligent Design

The battle between Evolution and Intelligent Design wages. The question is should Intelligent Design be taught alongside Evolution as a second, credible explanation of human beginnings? Many evolutionist think not, many Christians think evoltution should not be taught, and noone is really listening to the other anyway. CNN posted a story questioning the threat to science because of the many who believe creation to be credible.

Intelligent Design (ID) a threat to science? No, closed-minds are a threat to science. (On both sides)

But here is a problem on the Creationism side: The Bible is not a science textbook it is a theological document. The purpose of the Bible is not to lay down the precise manner in which God created the world it is to tell us the sacred love story of God for His creation. When reading the first two chapters of Genesis, if you see scientific data, you are looking at the wrong thing. It was not written to give us a precise scientific account of what happened. It was written as a theological treatise on God's creation of human beings and their special role in God's creation.

I do acknowledge that ID is simply noting that evolution does not account for all the details. Besides, how long can the missing link be missing before it is considered non-existent?

Philosophy of Science tells us the nature of science is a constant re-evaluation of the data. Scientific "truth" must change because it is based upon the observable data. Scientist are simply trying to give an explanation based on observable data.

The Bible tells us God created the world. It tells us human beings were the apex of His creation. The Hebrew language is ambiguous about whether they were literal 24 hour days. Could God design and create everything we know in 6 literal, 24 hour days? Yes. Could God also have taken His time or used evolutionary processes to accomplish much that we know? Yes. Who know for sure? Not me.

Let's let the Bible be a spiritual, theological document that tells us about God, and let it inform what we see in the world around us.

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